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Stories about Space

Each architectural project is an opportunity to tell a story.

Composed in the process of making, the story becomes a substance of architecture, filling space with meaning. It may explain the site on which a building stands, or rush us to a foreign place. It may rationalize mundane functions, or elevate them to something glorious. It may expose the raw character of materials, or evoke the lost arts of a different time.

Most importantly, the story is a collaborative effort and, often, a negotiation between various interests and priorities. Clients, architects, consultants, builders, sponsors, officials, each contribute storylines, asides, and anecdotes, which all become color to the final edit.

Ultimately, we want each design to be a story about the love for architecture. Whether in the transformation of existing fabric, or in the invention of new construction, the project allows us to experiment with and rewrite the history of our craft. A good story need not start at the beginning. It may be understood differently by different audiences. It should unfold new meanings, no matter its age or how often it is retold. It can be uplifting, perhaps mysterious, even tragic, yet no less humorous. And it must never bore, though it be an extended epic, or just a short story.

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